CSHS Mission

As an accredited institution, CSHS’s mission is to provide quality-oriented educational programs that increase students’ knowledge, improve their skills, and foster critical thinking in an efficient, timely, and economical manner. While ensuring that its' students are adequately prepared to transition to the professional field or academic institution of their choice, CSHS also strives to support hospitals, schools, and other healthcare facilities in California and throughout the world, by means of best-based and evidence-based practice, results-oriented training, and standardized academic development.

Straight into business

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CSHS offer many services including Health Insurance Coverage, Housing and Transportation instructions and guidance and Educational Assistance by expert in these fields

The California School of Health Sciences accepts international students and issues a SEVIS I-20 form so that they may apply and obtain a student visa (F-1) from the American Embassy or transfer to CSHS from other U.S. institutions.