Admissions Procedures

Application & Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of housing do we provide?

    We offer Homestay, Studio (Furnished with Kitchen and private bathroom), or share room.

  • What methods of payment do we accept?

    We support PayPal, major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard as well as many debit cards that can be processed as credit

  • Do we provide Health Insurance?

    Medical care in the United States is extremely costly, so most people have health insurance to cover the high cost of health care. At CSHS, medical insurance is highly recommended for all F-1and M-1 students. If you would like more information, please speak to the ESL Coordinator.

Application Procedures

The California English ProgramĀ (CEP) accepts international students and issues a SEVIS I-20 form so that they may apply and obtain a student visa (F-1) from the American Embassy.

International students should submit the following documents at least 4-6 weeks before the session during which they plan to study – documents can be scanned and attached to an email message to:

1. Completed international student application form.
2. Application fee – $200.00 USD (mail cost will be covered by the application fee
3. Copy of the inside of your passport
4. Proof of financial support
– Bank statement from student’s own account, parent’s account, or family/friend’s account
– Sponsor Financial Guarantee Letter

  • If you are transferring from another U.S. School or university, A transfer eligibility form should be submitted (only for transferring students).

Useful web site:

Useful web site:

After submitting all of the above documents – the international coordinator will send you the following:

  1. Original I-20 to your address (as listed on the application)
  2. Acceptance Letter
  3. International Students Handbook will be sent to your email